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Relationship Series: Top 10 Date Ideas


Hi and welcome back to Lolly’s Secrets!

I asked you on Instagram what you wanted to see next on the blog and you said date night ideas. These date ideas work for anyone! if you are single and getting to know a person, or of you are already in a relationship!So enough of my ramblings! Here is my quick list and I hope you like it!


So I know this is an obvious one, but picking the right restaurant is key. It is important that you both feel comfortable wherever you go. My recommendation is to find a nice cosy mom and pop joint that has great reviews.

The service is usually very personalised and of a high level, the ambience is romantic and the food is normally hearty and delicious. This is my recommendation when you are both foodies, are looking for a quiet place with great service and somewhere that is decently priced.

In the heart of Dublin, the city where I currently live as at the time of writing this, the place I would recommend would be Mama Mia. Although small, it embodies all the characteristics of a great mom and pop restaurant for that special dinner date.


Cinema and a Nightcap

Yes! Another obvious one! But still necessary to add to the list. Not everyone has the same taste in movies but some safe options are either rom coms (Romantic comedies) or action movies.I personally prefer sci fi or fantasy and ready player one was an epic date night watch for me!

But playing it safe is always key!I suggest going to a cinema that is clean and not always crowded. Picking the best time for a show is also key. You want to see a new movie but not so new that the crowds are discouraging but new enough that the popcorn is made fresh.

The best time to go and see a movie on date night is 2 weeks after it’s opening in the cinema (so it’s not crowded), Sunday nights (with all the other couples so no annoying people) and the screen time just before the last showing (so you get enough time after for dessert or drinks).

Following the movie with a dessert and/ or drink as a post mortem for the breakdown of the movie is always a nice touch.A movie doesn’t really give you enough of a chance to talk and very few like a chatty Kathy in the movies.


So it’s always fun to do a breakdown of the movie over a shared dessert or some drinks. It is best to pick a bar or dessert spot that is intimate but opens late. I actually like Eddie Rockets for a milkshake or a luxury hotel bar because they normally open late and make fabulous cocktails!


Try Something Both Have Never Done

This is a chance for something new and exciting and the added benefit of creating new memories together!It could be a concert, gallery, skydiving….anything!!! Pick something you both have on your bucket list and go for it! It’s liberating and you get to solidify the relationship or the budding relationship through shared experiences.

Le hubs and I went on a tourist tour together which as a lot of fun!As a local, with every step you take, you are covered in the culture of the land. But you don’t really understand the history of how it all came to be. This is why tours are amazing!

As a local, you tend to believe you will get around to doing touristy stuff because you live there but put it off for so long that you don’t end up ever doing it.I’m glad we took the opportunity to see the sights of Dublin. and we didn’t even scratch the surface! we have so much more to see.The next thing I want us to do together is a cooking class.

tour bus

Try One of Your Hobbies

If you don’t already know… I absolutely love afternoon tea. I’ve been to quite a few in my time, when I lived in London, and it is something that became a little bit of an obsession. I would go to each place that served afternoon tea and rate the softness of their scones, the thickness of their clotted cream and  sweetness of their jam, their creative pastries and of course!… their different exciting and exotic teas.

I would also rate the ambience and then go to the bar and sample a speciality cocktail. I must have gone to all of the four and five star hotel’s afternoon teas in london methinks! So I dragged le hubs to afternoon tea at The Westin Hotel the other weekend and it was absolutely fabulous!!! He quite enjoyed it too I must say, and we will be trying it again in another five star hotel sometime soon!


Try One of His Hobbies

Guys are peculiar and inspiring sometimes. Be prepared for anything is what i would say and keep an open mind. These activities can range from going to a sporting event to biking across town to anything!!! Jay says he is looking forward to taking me to a basketball match. I can’t wait! In the meantime… he seems to enjoy long walks in parks and just taking in nature and chit chatting about everything we don’t get time to talk about. I secretly love these times.

stroll, walk

Bottomless Brunch

Brunch is basically my favourite meal ever in life! Why? Because you can have breakfast late or have an early lunch and still enjoy a judgy free boozy meal! It’s a win-win really!!!Then you add the bottomless factor to it and it’s just the cherry on top of the best meal ever!The best bottomless brunch I have ever been to was the Theo Randall Restaurant at the Intercontinental Hotel in Park Lane.It was buffet food and bottomless in a five star setting. What more could you ask for really?!I have had a look at a few here in Dublin and will be going soon. I’ve got my eye on Cleaver East in Temple bar seeing as the ambience looks to be the best in all my research and the menu, although not a buffet, is competitively priced.



I love doing activity-based things. People think I’m weird but I usually need an activity that keeps me engaged long enough to keep my attention for a while.Otherwise I lose interest quickly and I’ll be stuck to my phone.I’ve never learnt how to properly ride a bike and it’s on my bucket list.

I want to learn and bike around Pheonix Park with Jay.I think this is a fantastic date idea as you get to burn some calories while hanging out!Another activity that I love to do is get in a pool. And I can’t swim… don’t ask me why I like to live dangerously but yeah! I love playing in the pool and found out that Jay does as well.I think this will be in our plans in the not too distant future!

couple riding bike


Those that know me, know that I am addicted to games. Specifically board games or group games!!! In my family home, we have 4 versions of monopoly alone!!! It’s serious! I think playing a game with someone helps you to understand their character very quickly.

You get to see how far they are willing to go to win, their integrity, their humility, their ego, how they lose, how they strategise…so many traits and characteristics come out in playing games. There are now pubs and restaurants that have games you can play in their establishments.

Wow Burger in Mary’s Bar off Grafton Street for example has board games and so does The Square Ball down from Pearse Station.Jay and I played scrabble while having a few pints at The Square Ball. It was fun!


Comedy Night

If you can be with someone that makes you laugh, then you’ve got a keeper! However, going to a comedy night is also lots and lots of fun. Laughing releases endorphins which is pleasurable and calming and gives a feeling of togetherness.

Or so they say! I love a good laugh and i think most people do so comedy night is always a fun way to go. We are going to see Dave Chappelle live in Dublin soon!!! I can’t wait!



There’s something about karaoke and making a fool of yourself that lets your guard down and brings you closer to people. Or maybe it’s just me. Sometimes it’s good to let your hair down and not take yourself too seriously! Sing a ballard off key and enjoy a laugh at your own expense and that of your date.

For my birthday this year, we went to Ukiyo Bar off Dame Street and had a mad time!!! We got a room for ourselves and sang off-key and had a blast! It was so much fun! Well… that’s it for now from me! If you have any suggestions you would like to share, feel free to mention the in the comments below!


If you want to know more or connect with with me more, head on over to my Instagram  and Facebook pages.I’m sure you will be able to relate to almost everything I share. So don’t forget to follow me on all social media!If I think of more, I’ll keep you posted.

Until the next post. Ciao!